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Wick, NC-17, NL/HA

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Apr. 11th, 2009 | 01:05 am
posted by: thanfiction in todieavirgin

Title: "Wick"
Author: Thanfiction
Rating: Nc-17
Pairing(s): Neville/Hannah
Summary: Even in the deepest darkness, love can always grow.
Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction set in the Harry Potter universe – all recognisable characters and settings are the property of J. K. Rowling and her associates. No copyright infringement is intended. No profit is made from this work. Please observe your local laws with regards to the age-limit and content of this work
Warning(s): Het, explicit sexuality, first-time
Word Count: 5,268
Author's Notes: Set during Christmas break of 7th year in the "Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness" universe. Contains minor spoilers for it, but you can read this story without having read the novel. I originall wrote this for 30 Days of Neville last summer over on xnevillelovingxbut it was suggested to me to crosspost it here, because apparently loss-of-virginity het fics for Neville are rather uncommon. So I oblige ;)


“Just a little…there we go…almost…perfect. Oh, that’s just perfect. See? Not so bad, is it?” Neville chuckled as he patted the last of the potting soil into place around the trembling seedling, running a soothing fingertip over the bright leaves. The plant gave one more shudder, then seemed to realize that nothing bad had happened at all, and it was in fact in a much nicer, far roomier pot, and the leaves uncurled, spreading with what was almost a sigh. His smile widened as he looked up to where Hannah was just finishing the last of her own flat, humming what sounded like a lullaby. “Almost done?”
“Mmm hmm,” she nodded. “They’re such skittery little dears, I’m amazed we haven’t lost any.”
“It’s all about patience,” he pointed out, “you’re really great with that. Most people can’t handle Cringing Chrysanthemums because they get frustrated with how many times you have to stop or slow down and how much you have to just talk and fuss them through transplants, weeding, even watering. But they’re really useful for almost any kind of revival potion or just as a pick-me-up.”
“Yeah, but just coffee makes me jittery…I think if I had some of these I’d have to – no, no, baby, I’m not talking about eating you!” The plant under her fingers had begun to wilt drastically, and she cupped it in her palm, kissing it gently. “Not at all, poor thing, I’m telling the big scary Gryffindor why I’d never eat you.” Slowly, it began to revive, and she chucked it softly along the base of one bud. “That’s better.”
“You have to balance, of course,” Neville whispered, his eyes sparkling as they exchanged a look over the rows of pots, “A little lavender, some dandelion; they cut the jitters from the you-know-whats and just leave the heightened senses. Sprout doesn’t grow any at the school because they’re just too high-strung, but I’ve been thinking if they’re doing well by Easter break, it might be nice to have some on hand for the D.A.. I’ve been wondering, you know, what we’d do if Harry came back in the middle of the night or something.”
Hannah giggled. “You-Know-Who himself could come right into the dorms, if it’s before six in the morning and after midnight, Sally-Anne would roll over, smack him upside the head, and go back to sleep. She actually slept through it when Morag and Susan had a screaming row at the foot of her bed last month. Didn’t even twitch.”
“Susan Bones?” His eyebrows raised in surprise.
“Well, Susan Macmillan now, but who else do you think I meant?”
“I just…” Neville shrugged, shaking his head, “I guess I never imagined her as the screaming row type. Morag, yeah, I mean, we were all tip-toeing around her and Ernie for the better part of sixth year trying not to get dragged into that whole disaster and praying they’d just spare us all and break up, but…” he paused, a sudden possibility dawning on him. “Is that what it was about? Ernie?”
“Why, Mr. Longbottom, since when are you interested in the social intrigues of Hufflepuff gossip?” Hannah gasped in mock-scandal.
“Since I’ve wound up in charge of the D.A.” He made a face. “Learned that lesson the hard way putting Demelza and Gwen with Colin…my fault, really, for still seeing him as a kid and not a decent-looking young wizard that two witches could fight over. I guess I’m a little paranoid after that nightmare.”
“Well it wasn’t Ernie,” she assured him. “Started out over Morag getting spit up on by a clogged drain and blaming it on Susan having all those miles of hair, and then it just got into a lot of nasty and personal stuff that happens when you get witches living in really close quarters for seven years, and that you really, really don’t want or need to know, trust me.”
“Okay.” Neville laughed, then looked down the line of plants as Hannah settled the very last one onto the rack, bracing both hands against his waist and arching his back against them with a surprisingly loud crack. His eyes widened, and he felt himself blush. “Guess I’m getting old.”
“Oh, absolutely.” Hannah slid her arms around his waist, trying and failing to keep a straight face. “Positively ancient. Don’t know what’s possessed me getting involved with such a codger.”
He did his best to return her overly-serious expression, though he had a feeling he succeeded about as well as she did. “I am going gray.”
“Like a dozen hairs,” she scoffed, then something changed in her eyes, at once softening and becoming more intense as her hand raised between them to comb her fingers back through the hair at the side of his face. “It’s kind of handsome, actually. I like it.”
“You like the funniest things, Hannah,” he shook his head in disbelief, taking her wrist and bringing her hand to his mouth to kiss the tips of her fingers. “Gray hair, the mess Filch made of my back…almost worries me a little. Isn’t a girl supposed to like a guy who’s young and whole and –“
“Say one more thing about your age, Neville, and I’m going to get offended,” she warned him. “I’m a couple months older than you, if you remember. Most people consider seventeen to still be half a kid, you know. And as for your back, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s beautiful. Now, you want a mess,” the grin returned as she stepped back out of his arms, shaking out her robes and unleashing a thick rain of potting soil and bits and pieces of leaves and stems. “That would be both of us at the moment. I know I’m a wreck, and you should see yourself. There’s more dirt on you than in the pots!”
He brushed uselessly at his sleeves, only managing to smear the damp soil into long streaks of mud. “Well, you’ve got compost in your hair!”
“Milkweed sap on your nose!” She retorted.
“I don’t even know what that is on your cheek!” They were both laughing now, and he grabbed her, pinning her tightly in his arms as he ruffled her hair, scattering dirt and bits of plant matter everywhere as she screamed playfully. “You need a bath, Miss Abbott! A person would think you’d been –“
“Gardening until four in the morning?”
“It’s that late?” He stopped, eyes widening in astonishment as he let her go and reached for his watch, unable to believe so much time could have passed so quickly. “Blimey, I guess it –“
Neville was cut off as a jet of water hit him full in the face, and he sputtered, blinking quickly and swiping at his eyes with the back of his hand. “Hey!”
Hannah’s face was the very picture of innocence, the end of her wand still dripping slightly from the Aguamenti Charm. “You said something about a bath?”
“Oh, you little…just remember, you started it!” A sparkling jet of water shot from the tip of his own wand, and he pressed the end of his thumb over it, widening it into a spray that soaked far more effectively than the single stream. She squealed, ducking for cover behind a tall rubber plant and returning fire with another frigid blast.
Within minutes, they were both drenched to the skin, and the water fight had degenerated into a wrestling match until they were both laughing too hard to continue. They rolled apart in the mud puddle they had created, gasping for air and clutching at aching sides, faces flushed beet red and eyes shining. Hannah sat up on one elbow, shaking her head and sending droplets of muddy water scattering from the ends of her limp golden curls. “You’re mental.”
He grinned back at her, wanting to answer, but the words wouldn’t come. Her robes had fallen from her shoulders at some point, and her shirt beneath was soaked transparent, clinging tightly to her skin and showing the outline of her bra beneath. The droplets shone like jewels on her skin, and with her hair wild around her face, her cheeks flushed, her lips red and parted like that, she looked so free, so untamed, like some kind of nymph or fairy creature more than any real girl. She was beautiful, the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, and the warm humidity of the hothouse made him feel suddenly dizzy as he stared at her.
She noticed him staring and looked down, pulling her robes closed again. “I’m sorry…I didn’t realize – makes me look like a –“
Her embarrassed apology was cut off as he kissed her. He could taste earth and water and salt on her lips, and beneath that, the sweet taste he had come to know as so wonderfully Hannah. She stiffened for a moment, then her body seemed to melt beneath his touch, bowing loosely against him, and now her hands were in his hair as well, and the mud felt cool beneath them as he rolled onto his back, pulling her on top of him as the kiss deepened into something more passionate.
They had snogged quite a bit in the month they had been together, but it had always needed to be something furtive, something careful. In the Room of Requirement, they were in front of the whole D.A., and any other time, they were banned from seeing one another as members of different Houses, and the best they could do was grab hasty moments in alcoves and dark doorways, snatching a kiss between classes, brushing hands as they passed in and out of the Great Hall for meals. Things were better since they had come to Willow Creek, Neville’s home, for Christmas break, but even though they’d been able to be a bit more open about things, the thought of being caught actually in the act of anything at all by Augusta Longbottom was almost as intimidating as Professor Snape or the Carrows.
This was different, completely different. The hothouse felt like its own world so completely, whether it was the blackness outside the glass walls that made it seem like nothing existed beyond, whether it was the summerlike warmth in the waning days of December, or even the thick tangles of plants surrounding them. They were alone, completely alone, and for the first time, there was no corner of his mind forced to remain watchful, no part of him that had to remain distant from the amazing experience of having a woman in his arms.
His hands slid up her body as they kissed, pushing beneath her shirt where it had come free from the waistband of her skirt and cupping her breasts through her bra. The satin was so smooth beneath his fingers, the flesh beneath warm and firm but soft at the same time, and he knew it was silly to get such a thrill from touching her with a thickly padded layer still between her skin and his, but it was more the thrill that she let him, that she was pressing down into his hands and making little moaning sounds into his mouth, that her own hands were pulling at the buttons of his shirt and sliding beneath his undershirt and across his chest.
She climbed completely on top of him now, straddling him, and he gasped, freezing in place suddenly as her weight settled against him. It wasn’t that she was heavy, but he hadn’t been able to keep his body from reacting to the sight, the feel, the taste of her, to how intensely they had been kissing and the full swell of her breasts under his hands, and there was no question that she would be able to feel him pressing hard against her thigh, even through his shorts and trousers. “I’m…I’m sorry,” he managed.
He could feel his cheeks heat so brightly that he expected them to burst into flame, and there was an odd little look on her face as well. “No, it’s okay…don’t be sorry.” The look resolved into a rather hesitant smile, and she glanced down and away.
“You’re not –“
“Kind of flattered, actually. I mean, I guess that means you’re really enjoying yourself, huh?” She seemed as torn between humiliation and arousal as he was, and that was somehow a relief.
Neville nodded, licking his lips. “Definitely. You’re beautiful, Hannah. Just amazing.”
There was a pause, then she met his gaze directly, her green eyes bright with a mixture of determination, desire, and just a little bit of fear. “Do you want to…um, go a little further, maybe?”
A part of him, one part very much in particular, thought this was about the best thing he had ever heard in his life, and he knew she couldn’t help but feel him grow harder against her as he sucked in a deep breath, hesitating. “What do you mean?”
In answer, she pulled her hands away from his chest, twisting them up behind her back and squirming a moment. Then the cups of the bra were loose in his hands, the straps falling from his shoulders, and she was staring at him very deliberately, her voice barely a whisper. “You can touch them if you want. You know, for real.”
“Thanks.” It was a stupid thing to say, completely brainless, but he couldn’t really think much right now. He allowed the bra to fall away beneath her shirt, and now he was actually touching them, and he had never properly felt a girl’s breasts before, but they were definitely as good as he had imagined. Nothing, nothing could possibly be this soft, but they were. So soft and so firm and there was real weight to them, more than he had expected, but it was all the better, because it gave them substance under his touch, and otherwise the perfect silkiness of them would be too close to impossible.
The pad of his thumb brushed over her nipple, and it tightened in response, harder and yet still velvet smooth, but textured in a way that just invited rubbing, and her reaction to this suggested that it was definitely as good for her to have them touched as it was for him to touch them. Her fingers were yanking at the buttons of her shirt, and now it was open, and he drew her down towards him, burying his face in her chest with a quiet moan of astonished delight at the feel of her skin against his lips.
Hannah’s back was arching into it, her head thrown back in little sighs and gasps that were so obviously pleasure that they urged him forward, encouraging him to experiment a little, to try his fingers on one while he kissed the other. His tongue she really seemed to like, and the sounds of her pleasure were every bit as incredible as the taste and the texture of her nipples in his mouth. Her skirt had ridden up around her hips as her thighs straddled his sides, and he could have sworn he could feel her hot through her knickers as she shifted back and forth against him in little pulses of her hips.
He had stopped worrying if she noticed that he was hard, and it was a good thing, because there was no question of hiding it now. It almost hurt, certainly very uncomfortable as it strained against the tight, wet fabric, and he shifted awkwardly, trying to find some way to releive the building ache. The movement caught her attention, and one hand slid back almost without appearing to mean to. As it touched the bulging fabric, he couldn’t keep from groaning deep and low in his throat, his hips rising completely off the ground to meet her hand.
Neville knew he shouldn’t be doing this, shouldn’t be grinding himself against a girl like this. It was…well, the only word he could come up with was rude, and that didn’t seem quite strong enough, but it was so hard to think at all when everything was saying yes and wow and this is soohmygodyesdefinitelylikethis. He was losing his mind and he couldn’t care less, because going insane felt so incredibly good, and the words were out of his mouth before he even realized they had formed. “I want you, Hannah.”
Her hand stilled, and for a moment, he thought he had ruined everything, then she took a deep breath, her eyes closing as she nodded. “Okay.”
Neville blinked, unable to believe his own ears. “You really…like, really….”
For what seemed like forever but his own pounding heartbeat told him was only seconds at most, she hesitated, then incredibly, she nodded again. “Yeah, I think so. I mean, I haven’t before, but I really do love you, and…it just feels like….”
“Like it’s just what’s next,” he whispered. There was another long silence, and he felt like he was supposed to probably take the lead somehow, though he couldn’t explain why, because this was already further than he’d ever gone with a girl, and his knowledge of how exactly everything worked was limited to a handful of magazines Seamus had given him and the inescapable boastings of older boys in the shared bathroom of the Gryffindor boys’ dormitory over the years. Still, he had at least a basic idea of how things were supposed to go, and he tried to make his voice sound far more confident than he felt. “I guess we should take our clothes off, then. You know, do it right.”
Hannah frowned, and at first he thought she was going to change her mind, but she was only looking at the puddle they were lying in. “Not in the mud.”
“There’s a dry place over there by the worktable,” he pointed. “If you want to move.”
“Probably should.” They didn’t look at each other as they untangled their limbs and stood up, brushing themselves off awkwardly as they crossed to the place Neville had indicated. It seemed at once exciting and intimidating as hell, and part of him seemed to be staring at himself from a very long distance as he unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off along with his undershirt, unlaced his shoes and kicked them away, then stripped off his trousers and shorts last. He had never really been self-conscious about his body before, even when he knew he’d been heavy, but he felt abruptly truly naked, and it was only on pure force of will that he turned and raised his eyes from the mulch scattering the hothouse floor.
The whole world seemed to stop. Hannah was naked.
He had never actually seen a naked woman before, not in person, and it was a completely different experience from seeing it in pictures. She was real, she was there, and she was naked for him, and he blinked in awe, half-expecting that she would vanish, that he would wake up in his bed with the sheets sticky and tangled around his legs, breathing hard and glad that his roommates had formed an unspoken pact since third year to ignore such things with each other.
But it wasn’t a dream. The long line of her thighs, the way her breasts moved with each breath, the curve of her hips, the soft, flat plane of her belly, the little fluff of dark blonde curls between her legs…it was all real, and she was looking at him with those beautiful green eyes, biting her lip and running her hands nervously over her sides. “Neville….”
His voice was hoarse when he tried to speak, but he swallowed hard, shaking his head as he tried again. “You’re…yeah.”
The pink flush on her cheeks deepened, and she ducked her head, smiling sheepishly. “Thanks. You’re really nice too.”
He shrugged, the laugh a shaky, self-deprecating rattle. “That’s sweet.”
“No,” she seemed to be gathering herself a little now, her words coming more certainly as she took a step forward, trailing the tips of her fingers across his chest and down over his stomach. “It really is showing how much you’ve been working with the D.A.. You’re…um, I mean, I don’t want to sound wanton or anything, but you’re getting a really nice body.”
“Hannah,” he pointed out gently, and it was easier than he expected to wrap his arms around her, trailing his hands over the smooth skin of her back and down to the dip of her waist. “I don’t think you need to worry about sounding ‘wanton’ when we’re standing here naked. But thanks anyway.”
He didn’t know what to do next, but kissing her seemed like a good idea, and once he did it, he was pleased to find that his instincts definitely seemed right on that count. It was a very good idea, much better than kissing with clothes on, and his entire body seemed to have come alive against hers, feeling every curve as they pressed together in a tangle of hands and mouths. His erection had faded a little when they had separated to undress, but now it was back more than ever, pushing hard and hot against her lower belly, but she didn’t pull away at all. If anything, she pulled in closer to him, and the feel of her bare flesh against his cock was so much more intense than he had ever imagined that he could almost come right there.
That would ruin everything, though, and as he felt the shuddering, building heat grow more and more powerful, he forced himself to push back, shaking his head. “I’m sorry…I’m gonna….”
“’Sokay,” she murmured, and he was thrilled and astonished to see that she seemed just as aroused, even if her body didn’t display it quite as obviously as his. Her lips were flushed redder than he’d ever seen, her cheeks glowing, her eyes dark, and she was breathing hard, a look so primal and hungry in her eyes that they looked feline. “Good we stopped anyway. Need my wand.”
He frowned, confused as she scampered quickly over to the pile of discarded clothing, rummaging around the half-inside-out robes until she finally surfaced with the polished applewood clutched tightly in her fist with a little shout of triumph. “Why do you want your wand?”
“Because,” she replied quickly, “I love you, but if we’re gonna do this, I don’t want you to get me in trouble, or it’ll just be a question of which one of us my father or your grandmother kills first.”
“Right!” Neville struck the palm of his hand against his forehead, unable to believe he hadn’t considered something so obvious. “Do you know…?”
“If I don’t, then promise me you’ll help me kill MacDougal before either of our families get to us, okay?” She placed the tip of her wand against the lowest part of her belly, closing her eyes. There was a brief flare that disappeared into the pale skin as if sucked inside of her, and she shivered. “Oh, that felt weird. Still…I think that probably means it worked.”
“You didn’t do anything, um, permanent, did you?” he asked worriedly.
“No, it just means that I’m okay for this time, if she’s right. Kind of like a Protego on the inside.” She turned the wand in her fingers a few times, then returned it to the pile of robes and straightened to face him again. “But we can go ahead now, if you still want to.”
He sighed, drawing her to him again to trail a line of kisses from her lips to the hollow at the base of her throat. “Hannah, do you really have to ask that?”
Her hips shifted against him and she moaned quietly, but her voice was shaking as her lips brushed warm against his ear in a whisper so soft he could scarcely hear it even from no distance at all. “I’m scared.”
He nodded, placing one hand flat against her heart between her breasts as they lay down, not daring to let go of one another even for a moment. “Me too.”
Neville had never really thought of the simple difference in size between them, but as she lay on her back beneath him now, his hands braced on either side of her shoulders he was suddenly aware of every inch of his more than six-foot frame. His wrists were easily two-thirds the size of her arms; she seemed so tiny, so impossibly delicate, and he was terrified of hurting her, of crushing her beneath him if he dared lower himself further. “If I hurt you…”
“I promise I’ll tell you to stop.” Her eyes trailed down the line of his body, and the flush of her cheeks paled a little. “It seems awful big.”
He chuckled, unable to help himself. “Not really…I’m about the same as the other guys, to be honest.”
“Yeah, well,” she smiled, “it’s not going in you.”
“If you don’t want to….”
“For the last time, Neville,” she reached up, taking his face in both hands, drawing him down until their lips brushed one another in what was within a fraction of a kiss. “It’s okay. Just don’t go too fast, all right?”
“All right.” He kissed her again, then her legs slid apart, and he closed his eyes, lowering himself until his cock was pressing between them. She was hotter than he had expected. Hot and wet, and everything was slick and soft and he gasped aloud, his eyes flying wide again with the pure sensation of it. It was more intense than he could ever find words for, even if his brain had been working at all.
His hips thrust forward, but something was wrong, and he felt his cock slide along her to bump hard against her inner thigh, and he let out a sharp hiss of mingled pain and frustration, shifting back to try again. She was spreading her legs wider now, and he hadn’t expected that this might be difficult, it seemed like something that should just come naturally. Still, it felt so good as he rubbed against her that his brain had deserted him, and he couldn’t seem to think of anything to do but just keep moving, keep thrusting and pressing and feeling her own hips buck against his, intensifying it all even further.
She was gasping, writhing under him, his shoulders were clenching, and then her hand wrapped around him, and he managed to hold still barely a moment as her lips pressed together in a single thin line and she guided his cock to her. They paused together, a single breathless moment, the point of no return, and then she gave the faintest of nods, and he pushed inside.
Nothing, not even the most powerful magical spell surging through your body could compare to this. This was heaven, this was beyond anything he had imagined in his wildest dreams, this was an entire world away from taking care of things yourself, and every mental thing he had ever heard of a man doing for a woman made sudden and perfect sense if this was what it was all about.
Dimly, he was aware that she had cried out when he entered her, that the look on her face bordered tightly between pain and pleasure, but she hadn’t told him to stop, hadn’t pushed him away, and thank Merlin for that, because he didn’t know if he could stop. There was no rhythm to it, no sense at all, it was just so tight and so hot and some unspeakable combination of soft and hard and he could feel her pulse or was it his and the heat was building, spreading, making every muscle tense and from somewhere far away he heard himself making noises that didn’t even seem human but he didn’t even care because he was going to come oh god he was coming already….
His hands fisted against the mulch and gravel of the hothouse floor so hard that he would eventually realize that he had torn skin from his knuckles, but he didn’t even feel it. He felt nothing but the overwhelming, amazing sensation that snatched his breath and turned his skin inside out and shook his whole body in deep, powerful spasms. He shuddered once more, then his bones seemed to turn to water, and he collapsed, barely rolling onto his side in time to keep from falling down onto her.
It was a long time before he could gather himself enough to push back the hair from his eyes, to turn his head and look at her, suddenly terrified of what he would see. She was already looking back at him, her green eyes unreadable, one hand resting shakily on her chest as the other pressed against her lower belly. “Are you…?” he began, then paused, uncertain. “Is everything okay? I didn’t hurt you, did I?”
“Kind of a little,” she admitted, then continued quickly as she saw the remorse that flashed over his face, “but it’s okay, it really wasn’t bad! It was just at first, then it actually started to feel kind of…well, okay, really nice. I guess I don’t really know what I expected, honestly.”
“Neither do I,” Neville offered, “but I certainly liked it.”
“Yeah….” There was something distant and a little uncertain in her voice, and he reached out, pulling her against him in a close embrace.
“You don’t have to say something you don’t mean, Hannah. I still love you – more than ever now, I think, and not just ‘cause you let me have you. It’s more like…like we’re closer now, but in a trust way, if that makes any sense.”
To his relief, she nodded, curling up tighter against his side as she rested her head on his shoulder. “Lots of sense. I had kind of thought it would last longer, that there’d be more to it, but I know I’ve heard other witches say that comes later, so I guess that shouldn’t be a surprise.”
Neville smiled softly into her hair. “I think if there’s more to it, I’m going to need to be Ennervated after.”
Her answering giggle was the sweetest sound he’d ever heard, because there was a quality to it that said things were still okay between them, that they were still friends above all else, even if they had fallen in love, even if they had done something new and terrifying for both of them in the early hours of this morning. “I love you, Neville. Really. And I’m glad we did this.”
“So am I.” The exhaustion of it being who-knew in the morning and everything they had done was sweeping down on him now in a warm, dark wave, and his eyelids fluttered shut, his hand so heavy as he raised it to wrap around her. “’M so tired, but I think I feel wick again, even with the D.A.”
“Wick?” Her voice was gently curious, and it took all the energy he had left to find an answer, to try and explain the term that was second nature to a gardener.
“Alive…all the way deep inside.”
Neville was almost asleep, but her reply still carried through, the last thing he was aware of before he drifted off to a sleep that for the first time since they had begun a school year that had already so battered their hearts and bodies and innocence was perfectly peaceful and devoid of nightmares. “I think I’m wick too.”

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(no virtue)

from: secretsolitaire
date: Apr. 11th, 2009 04:14 pm (UTC)
This Tryst

Enjoyed this -- seems very realistic for a first time in terms of both emotions and the physical aspect. Hope Hannah has more, er, fun next time though! ;-)

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(no virtue)

from: i_phianassa
date: Apr. 11th, 2009 11:14 pm (UTC)
This Tryst

Very sweet and so well written. Bravo.

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