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todieavirgin's Journal

I don't want to die a virgin
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What is it about fics where someone loses their virginity? Is it the vulnerability, the change from innocence to experience, from curiosity to knowledge? Is it the feel of another body against yours for the first time, scary and thrilling and strange? Is it the play of power dynamics, of taking control and losing it, the push and pull of action and feeling and desire? Is it the touch, tentative or desperate or sensitive or numb, that you feel for the first time?

What ever the cause, virginity porn is fun. There should be more of it. Hence this community. *g*

todieavirgin is a community for HP fics or art where at least one person loses her/his virginity. Slash, het and femmeslash are all welcome, as are all ratings. Although the todieavirgin begins with a challenge, you may also post non-challenge fics or art, as long as they follow the theme of the community.

Title from a song by The Divine Comedy.

The most delightful pre_raphaelite1 made the layout and the icon. Worship her, for she deserves it. :)

Another place to find first time fics is the wonderful archive at The 'I Don't Want To Die A Virgin' Challenge.